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This German-style wine is named after Heinrich Breidecker, who planted a vineyard in New Plymouth in the 1870’s before moving North to Hokianga. In 1980, a cultivar derived from a Muller Thurgau cross with the Chancellor (a.k.a. Seibel) and released in Germany in 1962, was found to show promise in New Zealand. The wine was named by the then CEO of the Wine Institute of New Zealand, Terry Dunleavy. Breidecker is one of the easier varieties to make. The fruit is picked in the cool of the morning, quickly crushed and pressed into stainless steel tanks under anaerobic techniques. The settled juice is racked and filtered before beginning a ferment that will last about twenty-four days. We stop the ferment just before completion to retain a little residual sugar. The wine is quickly racked and cold stabilised before bottling.

Tipo de vino: White
Alcohol: 19.000%
Compañia: Terry Dunleavy
Localizacion: New Zealand